Holition Augmented Reality – Tissot

In line with a marketing strategy designed to appeal to a younger, digitally-aware consumer, Tissot used Holition’s irresistibly attention-grabbing Augmented Reality experience to generate stand-out in a way not possible through traditional point-of-sale techniques or through web-based publicity.

To maximise the impact of this unique approach to point-of-sale engagement and brand engagement online, a major PR initiative was swung into place to create real buzz around the initiative.

Holition designed and deployed a bespoke Augmented Reality application for Tissot, allowing consumers to experience the T-Touch collection online in full interactive 3D.

A branded tip-on was designed and printed for insertion onto a Tissot print advertising campaign across a variety of media, including GQ and T3, driving readers onto Tissot’s website to experience the Augmented Reality application for themselves.

The activity was accompanied by a data-capture mechanism, allowing Tissot to build a B2C database for future marketing projects.

To take the experience direct to consumers, the Augmented Reality application was affixed to a window at Selfridges department store, in one of Europe’s busiest shopping districts, allowing consumers to try on Tissot’s virtual T-Touch collection while standing in Oxford Street.



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