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I’m Going To Kick You In The F**K

Laughed my ass off! – a.

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I’m Going To Kick You In The Fuck is a moral tale about a man who can understand what the animals say.

The song is from the album The Ham Machine by

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Animation Lee Hardcastle

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First Place: 2011 Nikon Small World in Motion – Anna Franz

Anna Franz – Ink injection into yolk sac artery of 72 hour-old chick embryo to visualize the beating heart and the vasculature (10x)


University of Oxford
Sir William Dunn School of Pathology


Oxford, UK


Reflected light

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What is the subject matter of your winning entry?

This movie not only demonstrates the power of the heart and the complexity of the vasculature of the chick embryo, but also reflects the beauty of nature’s design.

Can you elaborate on the imaging technique you used to capture this movie?

This technique is relatively easy and quick: A window is cut into an egg to expose the 72h old chick embryo. The embryo is then placed under a stereo microscope. A finely drawn glass capillary needle is filled with India ink and then inserted into an extraembryonic yolk sac artery. Some ink is gently expelled from the needle and the distribution of the ink in the vasculature is followed by time-lapse microscopy. The only challenging part of this technique is the insertion of the needle into the artery without spilling too much ink and without damaging the embryo.

How does this subject matter relate to your work?

I study centriole duplication using Drosophila as a model organism. I am currently doing a PhD in developmental biology studying centriole duplication in Drosophila. In 2010 I took a 6-week course in embryology in Woods Hole where I learnt several techniques used to study embryogenesis in a number of organisms. One of these techniques was the injection of ink into an artery with the aim to visualize the vasculature of the chick embryo.

What first sparked your interest in photomicrography?

When I was a child, my parents got me a simple microscope which I used to look at insects and plants. I became fascinated by microscopy because it reveals the complexity of biological structures most of which our eyes can’t see. Later I decided to studied biology at university where I could combine microscopy with photography.




He’s The King – I’m The DJ

I really dont want to say too much on this mix of Michael Jacksons greatest tracks mixed by the one and only DJ Jazzy Jeff. This mixtape is from back in 2009. An absolute must in your music collection. We be listening to it here at the studio and wanted to share it with you. Its 97.5MB but TRUST ME on this. Happy Friday yo’! Enjoy!

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Track Listing:

1 Lady In My Life
2 Ain’t No Sunshine
3 Break Of Dawn
4 Never Can Say Goodbye
5 Never Can Say Goodbye Ffej Remix
6 Got To Be There
7 Rockin’ Robin
8 Maybe Tomorrow
9 We’ve Got A Good Thing Going
10 Butterflies
11 2 4 6 8 Mj_Pete Rock Mix
12 Abc Mix
13 Human Nature
14 Human Nature_Right Here Mix
15They Don’t Care About Us
16 You Rock My World Mix
17 I’ll Be There Ffej Remix
18 Darling Dear
19 Heartbreak Hotel
20 I Want You Back_Jump Mix
21 It’s Great To Be Here
22 I Wanna Be Where You Are
23 Man In The Mirror Mix
24 I Can’t Help It_Breakadawn Mix
25 Quincy Speaks_Liberian Girl Mix
26 Another Part Of Me
27 Can’t Let Her Get Away
28 Remember The Time
29 Blood On The Dance Floor
30 She Drives Me Wild
31 Keep It In The Closet
32 Why You Wanna Trip On Me
33 Dangerous
34 Blame It On The Boogie
35 The Love You Save
36 Rock With You Mix
37 Billie Jean
38 Bad
39 Black Or White
40 Thriller
41 Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground)
42 Off The Wall
43 Don’t Stop ’til You Get Enough
44 Wanna Be Starting Something
45 Somebody’s Watching Me
46 Can You Feel It
47 Pyt (Pretty Young Thing)
48 Going Back To Indiana
49 Ben

amy-winehouse found dead at 27

Amy Winehouse – found dead

Troubled soul singer Amy Winehouse, who had been attempting a comeback after a few years battling drug and alcohol addiction, has been found dead in her London home, according to British media reports.

Sky News and BBC reported police sources as confirming the 27-year-old singer’s death.

London police issued a statement Saturday saying an unnamed 27-year-old female had been pronounced dead at the scene at a home in north London.

“Inquiries continue into the circumstances of the death. At this early stage it is being treated as unexplained,” said Metropolitan Police.

Erratic performances forced tour cancellation

The singer showed up nearly an hour late for a concert in June at Belgrade’s Kalemegdan Park and disappointed the crowd of approximately 20,000 by stumbling about, mumbling through her songs and occasionally exiting the stage — leaving her bewildered band and backup singers performing in her place.

The concert was to be the first of a 12-date tour, which was cancelled soon after.

Winehouse rose to fame in 2006 with the success of her sophomore album Back to Black, which featured the smash hit song Rehab. In 2008, she won five Grammy Awards — including best new artist and record of the year — but her ongoing struggles with substance abuse, erratic onstage behavior, legal battles and other personal problems have overshadowed her musical achievements.

Though she was flooded with a variety of musical accolades over the years, the performer made headlines in Britain and worldwide for her increasingly erratic behavior, disheveled appearance, poor performance at recent concerts and substance abuse problem.

Winehouse also had a tumultuous marriage to Blake Fielder-Civil, whom she married in 2007. They had many public spats, which often turned violent. The couple divorced in 2009.

She had also sought help for psychiatric and alcohol and drug abuse problems.

open roof film festival Toronto

Open Roof Festival – Toronto

Toronto Open Roof Festival

Indie-music and indie films! Open Roof Festival is a Toronto summer movie series located outdoors. Each night will feature a live band, film, refreshments and a great time! !

Non-for-profit organization presenting the Open Roof Festival. The mission is to provide Toronto with a outdoor summer experience that highlights independent artists from Canada and around the world. Providing you with a fun, unique experience that is a party – including a musical act and an independent film. This is more than just a night at the movies – its an evening of arts, refreshments and enjoying Toronto’s beautiful summer night sky.

All profits are used to support Toronto’s independent film community.


James Yuill - No Surprise

James Yuill – No Surprise

I originally posted this video on my other blog back in 2009. Enjoy

Distributed in the US by WMG

“No Surprise” by James Yuill from Turning Down Water For Air, available now.

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“No Surprise” Lyrics:
If you need me, I will run to you
And if you call me out of the blue I will run to catch you as you fall on me
And it’s no surprise that you’ll soon forget about me

So slow it down
Take it easy

If you want me, I will be right here
And if you love me you will notice me here

But it’s no surprise that your eyse are crying my name
And it’s no surprise that your eyes are seeing the same

So slow it down
Take it easy

So slow it down
Take it easy

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Light Blue Optics projects touch surface

Now that our future has been revolutionized, at least for today, with a Moses-like tablet that will change how we publish, read, think and watch NSFW videos in public spaces, it’s easy to forget about the real future of computers — the one that involves no physical screen, and no real gadget, at all.

It’s been the stuff of tha laser-based projection technology, one of those “phase modulating spatial light modulators” and other tech tucked into a tiny box, this computer by a UK company called Light Blue Optics projects a touch screen on any surface with relatively low power. The company’s co-founder, Dr. Adrian Cable, visited gadget geek Robert Scoble yesterday at his house, leading to a homemade, touch-heavy video with a gently voiced cameraman that might be best be called a future gadget lovefest.

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Want an excuse to write something on some of your old monogrammed stationary? You could type it. Ordering another enchilada right on your table cloth? Check. Want to mix your afternoon Bloody Mary on top of your Google Docs page? Does your e-reader or your fat belly need more music videos on it? It’s coming. Googling on your steering wheel? You so crazy. Wanna take multitasking to the next dimension? Project this hologram screen on top of your iPad. Yup, straight on top of it.

Alright, maybe we’re not ready for that just yet. And while the prototype is already being manufactured by Foxconn, the big company that makes Apple’s products, and the company has heard lots of interest since it made a splash at CES, we’re probably not going to start using any surface as our computers for another couple of years.

But I can’t wait for a future when we don’t have to lug around screens everywhere (and, for that matter, don’t tweet-drool over things like over-hyped iPhones for old people.)

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Japanese anti-nuclear music


The genre of Japanese anti-nuclear music began in the 1980s after the nuclear disaster at Chernobyl. Problem was, some of the largest record labels were owned by companies, like many companies in Japan, that are connected to the nuclear industry. But as the Atlantic reminds us, you can’t stop the Internet.

Above, the video for “You Can’t See It, And You Can’t Smell It Either” by Rankin’ Taxi, a very catchy dance hall reggae tune about nuclear disaster. Here are the closing lyrics:

Die from a dose of radiation? No way!
Did you say an unstoppable leak? No way!
Do I want to be an object of hate for unborn children? No way!
Do I want to lead a life of unhealthy luxury? No way!
Can radiation deepen love? Can radiation make us wiser?
Can radiation stop wars? Can radiation bring a smile?

Radiation is strong, Radiation is powerful, it doesn’t discriminate, and you can’t beat it
Radiation is scary, Radiation is dangerous, you can’t see it or smell it, and you can’t run from it

Can’t see it, can’t smell it, can’t run from it…
It’s safe! It’s safe! It’s safe! until it’s not, until it’s not, until it’s not, until it’s not,


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Frat. is nothing short of a brilliant 3D short movie directed by 4 students at ESMA Montpellier.


In a world where stone slowly overruns people and transforms them into statues, Sai, a twelve year old little boy, has the power to cure this disease with his blood. Since he is a child, his older brother, Vlad, martyrs him and preys on his gift by hitting him. One day Vlad lends Sai to his thug friends, who profit to cure their wounds and hit him, letting Sai sink into unconsciousness. In his dream, Sai discovers that he also has inside him, deeply buried, stone …

Production Team :

Sébastien Durand
Background Art | Characters Modeling / Animation |
Lighting / Shading / Rendering / Composting

Julien Limon
Character Design / Storyboard | Environment Modeling| Textures / Lighting |
Matte Painting

Aurélien Peis
3D Layout / Editing | Rigging / Skinning | Animation | Matte Painting

Cedric Trezeguet
Environment Design / Modeling| Characters and Environment Textures |
Lighting / Shading / Rendering


Oedipus – Revisited

Réalisé par : Thierry BLETON ; Frederic CARO ; Renaud MADELINE ; Jonathan PEREZ

Site Officiel :

Musique Originale : Frederic VAROT ; Thierry BLETON

Son & Mixage : José VICENTE & Yoann PONCET –

Thanks to psychoanalysist Sigmund Freud, the story of Oedipus has become one of the most widely known in the modern world. However, because of Freud’s ‘Oedipus Complex’, many modern readers focus on his apparent love of his mother and hatred for his father; this is not in fact in keeping with the Greek mythological tradition of Oedipus, the canonical version of which can be found in Sophocles‘ trilogy: The Theban Plays.

Birth and Early Life

oedipusOedipus was the child of Laius and Jocasta, the ruling couple of Thebes. Eager for future-knowledge, Laius journeyed to the oracle at Delphi who gave him the most unwelcome news that his newborn son would grow up to kill his father and marry his mother. Perturbed by this news, Laius gave his new son to a herdsman and ordered him to be killed. A spike was driven through baby Oedipus’ ankles (causing his ankles to become inflamed and earn him his name, which literally translates as ‘swollen-footed’) and he was left on the side of Mt. Cithaeron to die. However, destiny cannot be avoided that easily and Oedipus survived, rescued by a peasant in the employ of king Polybus of Corinth. The peasant took the infant to his master, who adopted him gratefully since he and his wife Merope had been unable to conceive. Polybus and Merope raised Oedipus as their own, but one night at a public feast, a drunken man shouted at Oedipus that he had no idea who his father was. Although his adoptive parents implored Oedipus to ignore the man’s ravings, he could not put his mind to rest, and Oedipus resolved to travel to the Oracle at Delphi and ask her the identity of his parents. The Oracle, however, did not tell Oedipus who his parents were, rather revealing the disturbing prophecy that he would couple with his mother and kill his father. Resolving that this should never come to pass, Oedipus did not go back to Corinth, to those he believed to be his parents, but rather headed for Thebes. On his journey, Oedipus came to a crossroads and was faced with a carriage driving the opposite direction. The driver struck Oedipus to get him to move out of the way, but this enraged the young man, who proceeded to fight and kill the driver and the man he was transporting – King Laius. Having unwittingly fulfilled half of the prophecy, Oedipus carried on to Thebes.