breakfast with abductees

Former label manager of Global Cuts and co-founder of Wonka Beats,Sven Van Hees made his mark at age 17 by being the musical brain behind “Liaisons Dangereuses” ,Belgian’s first “Dance” radioshow which he produced for nearly ten years, tougher with host Paul Ward with whom he recorded his first record “He chilled out” as Liaisons D (together with Marcus Salon). Sven’s first solo record was “I Love U” under the name Technooise (Usa Records).

From then on, things went fast. He produced numerous Techno & Tribalhouse releases from 1991, being one of the co founders of the infamous Wonka Beats label for which he produced the first seven releases.

If you live near a beach, expect Sven to show up at your nearest club some time very soon.



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