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How To Watch American Netflix In Canada

My Intern Hazen tipped me off to this free DNS service that allows you to watch Netflix (and other US Geo-restricted content) outside of the good ol’ US of A! For free! (Did I mention that it’s free?)

These guys are calling themselves Tunlr.

I love these services. Unlike VPN services, with these DNS redirects your streams don’t get slowed down by being  proxied through a US server.

We set it up on our AppleTV and it works like a charm!

Get started with AppleTV

  1. Open Settings
  2. Open General
  3. Open Network
  4. Open Configure TCP/IP
  5. Select Manually (we assume you already have a fully functional network setup)
  6. Skip IP address by selecting Done (hit the left button on the remote and press OK)
  7. Skip Subnet Mask by selecting Done
  8. Skip Router Address by selecting Done
  9. When asked for the DNS address, enter:
  10. Select Done
  11. Select Restart in the General menu

If you don’t see the Netflix App in the main menu, you have to change your iTunes store location:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Open iTunes Store
  3. Open Location
  4. Select United States
  5. Go back to the Settings menu
  6. Select Restart in the General menu

Once you start Netflix for the first time, it may take a while until the log in dialog appears (give it at least a minute).

NOTE: I should mention, that if you have a number of devices on your home network that you wish to use to access US services, you’re probably better off setting your router’s DNS to

summertime III

Mixtape: DJ Jazzy Jeff & Mick Boogie “Summertime III”

Its that time of the year again. The birds are chirping, the sun is out, girls are hot and you know the DJ duo of DJ Jazzy Jeff and Mick Boogie have just delivered their third Summertime mixtape (Fresh out of the oven). The free release is jam-packed with classic jams from across the genresphere. Everyone from Nina Simone to Nice and Smooth to Busta Rhymes appears on Summertime III, a perfectly blended mix of tunes primed for your next BBQ or pool party. You can download the third Summertime mixtape below.

Mixtape: DJ Jazzy Jeff x Mick Boogie Summertime III [DOWNLOAD]

If you enjoyed this mix, also check out – DJ Jazzy Jeff – He’s The King, I’m The DJ

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Manu Chao

Manu Chao – Welcome to Tijuana

welcome to Tijuana! Tequila, Sex and Marijuana!

Manu Chao – Welcome to Tijuana – recorded live at Paris – Grande Halle de la Vilette, 4&5 September 2001

Manu Chao (born José-Manuel Thomas Arthur Chao on June 21, 1961), is a French singer of Spanish roots (Basque and Galician). He sings in French, Spanish, English, Italian, Galician, Arabic and Portuguese and occasionally in other languages. Chao began his musical career in Paris, busking and playing with groups such as Hot Pants and Los Carayos, which combined a variety of languages and musical styles. With friends and his brother Antoine Chao, he founded the band Mano Negra in 1987, achieving considerable success, particularly in Europe. He became a solo artist after its breakup in 1995, and since then tours regularly with his live band, Radio Bemba.



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Screen shot 2012-02-07 at 2.47.31 PM

First Place: 2011 Nikon Small World in Motion – Anna Franz

Anna Franz – Ink injection into yolk sac artery of 72 hour-old chick embryo to visualize the beating heart and the vasculature (10x)


University of Oxford
Sir William Dunn School of Pathology


Oxford, UK


Reflected light

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What is the subject matter of your winning entry?

This movie not only demonstrates the power of the heart and the complexity of the vasculature of the chick embryo, but also reflects the beauty of nature’s design.

Can you elaborate on the imaging technique you used to capture this movie?

This technique is relatively easy and quick: A window is cut into an egg to expose the 72h old chick embryo. The embryo is then placed under a stereo microscope. A finely drawn glass capillary needle is filled with India ink and then inserted into an extraembryonic yolk sac artery. Some ink is gently expelled from the needle and the distribution of the ink in the vasculature is followed by time-lapse microscopy. The only challenging part of this technique is the insertion of the needle into the artery without spilling too much ink and without damaging the embryo.

How does this subject matter relate to your work?

I study centriole duplication using Drosophila as a model organism. I am currently doing a PhD in developmental biology studying centriole duplication in Drosophila. In 2010 I took a 6-week course in embryology in Woods Hole where I learnt several techniques used to study embryogenesis in a number of organisms. One of these techniques was the injection of ink into an artery with the aim to visualize the vasculature of the chick embryo.

What first sparked your interest in photomicrography?

When I was a child, my parents got me a simple microscope which I used to look at insects and plants. I became fascinated by microscopy because it reveals the complexity of biological structures most of which our eyes can’t see. Later I decided to studied biology at university where I could combine microscopy with photography.



Screen shot 2011-07-03 at 9.06.02 PM

Japanese anti-nuclear music


The genre of Japanese anti-nuclear music began in the 1980s after the nuclear disaster at Chernobyl. Problem was, some of the largest record labels were owned by companies, like many companies in Japan, that are connected to the nuclear industry. But as the Atlantic reminds us, you can’t stop the Internet.

Above, the video for “You Can’t See It, And You Can’t Smell It Either” by Rankin’ Taxi, a very catchy dance hall reggae tune about nuclear disaster. Here are the closing lyrics:

Die from a dose of radiation? No way!
Did you say an unstoppable leak? No way!
Do I want to be an object of hate for unborn children? No way!
Do I want to lead a life of unhealthy luxury? No way!
Can radiation deepen love? Can radiation make us wiser?
Can radiation stop wars? Can radiation bring a smile?

Radiation is strong, Radiation is powerful, it doesn’t discriminate, and you can’t beat it
Radiation is scary, Radiation is dangerous, you can’t see it or smell it, and you can’t run from it

Can’t see it, can’t smell it, can’t run from it…
It’s safe! It’s safe! It’s safe! until it’s not, until it’s not, until it’s not, until it’s not,


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Beastie Boys – Fight For Your Right – Revisited

Great news from the Beastie Boys as they announce May 3rd 2011 for the release date of there long awaited new album; “Hot Sauce Committee Part Two.”

Every pre-order includes an exclusive, instant download of Make Some Noise (Passion Pit Remix). Digital downloads will be delivered via email at 12am ET on May 3.
Physical packages will ship for delivery by May 3 EXCEPT for packages that contain vinyl:

“Good people, please note, not unlike birthing a baby, or baking a batch of cookies, or picking grapes for wine, sometimes things need just a little bit more time to cook to come out just so. So our deluxe vinyl’s maturity date will be slightly different then the other formats. But please know that our corps. of engineers and experts have been on this, making sure the wait is worth it and that I can personally tell you that in my humble opinion, the test pressing of the vinyl sounded banging on my home hi fi.” – Mike D

Please note: Orders placed after 4/19 for packages containing vinyl will not ship until July.

Deluxe Package

Hot Sauce Committee Part Two Deluxe Package Includes:

  • CD with 8 Panel Digipak Fold-Out Design
  • 9-panel Fold-Out Poster Designed by Mike Mills
  • 2 x 180 Gram White Gatefold Vinyl
  • Digital Album Download Card
  • 2 Extra Bonus Tracks + Remix (Delivered Digitally)
  • Bonus 7″


Plus These Fabulous Items:

  • Beastie Boys T-Shirt (Exclusive To This Pre-Sale)
  • Exclusive Iron-on (1 of 3)
  • HD Download of the extended version of the
    Make Some Noise Video called “Fight For Your
    Right Revisited”

= $74.99

Digital Download

Hot Sauce Committee Part Two Digital Download

  • Digital Download of the Record With An Additional Remix

= $10.99


CD + T-Shirt Package

Hot Sauce Committee Part Two CD + T-Shirt Package Includes:

  • CD complete with 8 Panel Digipak Fold Out Design
  • 9-panel fold out poster designed by Mike Mills

Beastie Boys T-Shirt (Exclusive To This Pre-Sale)

= $29.99




Janelle Monáe – Tightrope

You know how every once in a while you come across an artist who just blows your mind? This is hands down that sort of a scenario. I was recently introduced to this video (thanks Stylianos) and it just grabbed me right away.

“Tightrope” is the first single off Janelle Monae’s upcoming ‘suites,’ the Metropolis Suites II & III: The ArchAndroid. In this outstanding collaboration with Outkast’s Big Boi, Janelle Monae draws strength from James Brown, Grace Jones and even Andre 3000.

Janelle Monae’s The ArchAndroid is the hotly anticipated and long awaited first release since Monae’s 2007′s Metropolis Suite I of IV: The Chase. According to her official blog, “The ArchAndroid” is an “EMOTION PICTURE” brought to you by Janelle Monáe and the Mad Minds of the Wondaland Arts Society. The star-studded featured cast includes the legendary Big Boi of OutKast, renowned poet Saul Williams, psychedelic dance-punk troupe Of Montreal, punk prophets Deep Cotton, and the Wondaland Arch Orchestra.I can already tell you now that the of Montreal collaboration is absolutely bananas. The ArchAndroid came out on May 18th.

Enjoy this spectacular video. Would love to hear what you think so please comment.

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The thrilling potential of SixthSense technology

Last week we had a group of 30 inspiring new media graduates come through the derooted studios on a tour (FallTour5) organized by Oddly Studios. One student, Nasir Mohamed later approached me on Twitter with the following question; “What are your views on augmented reality? Do you think it has a lot of potential?”

Simple enough of a question, and with no doubt one which enough people are asking. In reality I believe anything that would bring the technological vs human interaction closer together would have great potential within our society. Augmented reality is still in its primal stage and therefore is full of potential with proper direction and guidance.

It may be that augmented reality proves to be more of a gimmick than a lasting technological revolution, at least in the short term, but perhaps it will eventually become more like a sixth sense for us. Pranav Mistry from MIT’s Media Lab shows how the physical world and our natural gestures can interact with the world of data in such a way that AR would become part of our everyday lives without us having to hold our phones up awkwardly in front of us. Have a look at his astonishing TED talk:

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600 years of the astrological tower clock


Mapping during 600 years anniversary of the astrological tower clock situated at Old Town Square in center of Prague.
Mapping by Macula, Lukáš Duběda, Michal Kotek.

music: data-live
photos & video: Michal Ureš
teaser audio: Hecq -Typhon

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