Iranian underground collective – SaroSeda

Saroseda is an Iranian computer music and music technology society to help researchers and computer musicians/artists living in Iran. To collaborate with one another and to take it up a notch.

Sarodesa started by no other than Arash Salehi (aka The11 / Yazzda). Arash and I became good friends a few years back when I some how found myself living in Tehran (Iran).  Had the pleasure of working with him ever since on a couple of projects.  Considered an ounce of sanity in the middle of a prison mental ward, Arash, now a seasoned electro punk, is influenced by the extreme weather pollution and Tehran traffic lights. blinking. .blinking. .blinking. .

The collective so far consists of 8 extremely multi-talented Iranian artists;

Hameed Saeid
Kamran Arashnia
Majid Kazemi

Give a listen to the select tracks below. I would love to hear what you think.



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