Persian Red Hot Chili Peppers – Ballgard


Iranian punk/Funkphenomena Ballgard is one of the best Iranian underground (Zirzamin) exports to come out of the country.

Ballgard released there debut album titled; “Zigiland” mid April of last year, changing the landscape of the Persian music scene for ever. Funk-amplified to the proverbial tits,  Ballgard is far from what the country is use to hearing as the band breaks away from the redundant cheese that is Persian pop music,  induced with bold provocative lyrics that maybe suitable for an 18+ audience with a thurst for cynicism and reflective of everyday life in Tehran.

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Ballgard’s members are;

Yoshen (Bass)
Chugh (Guitar)
Chaf (Drums)
Yulun (Vocals)

You can get a taste of Ballgard’s funky music by watching their first music video “Mirim O Mirim” by Afshean Hessam.

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