The God Who Wasn’t There

The director, Brian Flemming, a ex-fundamentalist Christian, has put together an outstanding and controversial documentary film about a deeply hidden truth about Christianity: that there exists no evidence for a historical Jesus of the New Testament! This courageous film presents such a blasphemous idea, that if Christianity has it right, Flemming, along many other freethinkers will spend our eternal lives in torturous Hell. Thus Christians should love this movie, if only to believe the exquisite suffering we will endure because of our exposure of the lack of evidence for a historical Jesus.

So my dear Christian friends, by all means, you have to see this movie. It might challenge the very core of your beliefs, but then, God wants to challenge your faith doesn’t He? Well let this serve as your Godly challenge.

Flemming used clips from old Jesus movies to give a synopsis of Jesus’ alleged life in six minutes, and proceeds to show, in an entertaining graphical way, the time-lines of the those who wrote about Jesus. It reveals that serious gaps in the historical record show that nothing got written about Jesus’s supposed life until a generation after he lived. Although Paul did write about Jesus at around 60 C.E., The documentary reveals what most Christians don’t know about Paul: If Jesus really had lived as a historical human being, nobody told Paul about it. In all of Paul’s epistles, (about 80,000 words), he never mentions a historical Jesus! He never heard of Mary, Joseph, a birth in Bethlehem, King Herod, the miracles, ministry, no trial by Jews, or trial by Pontius Pilate. In other words, the man who invented Christianity had no idea that Jesus walked the earth.
Although the film alludes to the fact that no contemporary evidence exists for Jesus, I wish that it had spent more time explaining that not one eyewitness of the alleged Jesus ever wrote about him.



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