trailer trash? FOKKIT!

My favorite Afrikana altra-Trailer Trash are back once again! If you dont know, then you should know; This is Die Antwoord. South Afrikan answer to .. well I have no idea. These guys are so fucked up they have created a league of there own. A style of music or a rather unfortunate new way of life called ZEF.

This time the dynamic severely fucked in the head duo of Ninja and Yo Landi Ve$$er of the ZEF band Die Antwoord have made this short film of desperation, survival and gangsta’ love in what appears to somewhat look like a Brampton suburb. Freakin’ brilliant. Who would’ve thunk watching two retarded misfits would be so bloody addictive .. But seriously. This crew is out of control. At first glimpse wtf might come to mind but there’s more to these two than meets the eye.

Watkin “Waddy” Tudor Jones, (AKA Ninja) was a part of South African hip-hop scene for many years, fronting such acts as Constructus Corporation‬, The Original Evergreens and MaxNormal. A closer look at Watkin projects prior to Die Antwoord may prove the retard as more of g.e.n.i.u.s and seriously talented along with his side-kick yo-landi vi$$er with her mad style and crazy flow. super talented… i’m in love…. and obsessed. die antwoord!!!! Fok mainsteam. Fok it to the toppa.


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